Watercolor, Screen Print and Mixed media

I Have always had an attraction to the strange and profound in terms of understanding why and how the world around me works as a way of self-discovery. I Find the idea of personal, modern, and ancient legends to serve as metaphors of universal truths that we all face. Much of my work revolves around themes of dreams, destiny, fate, the cosmos, the supernatural, the future and that of science fiction.  

As pieces part of "The Endless" exhibition  hosted by Good Mother Gallery and the Paradox Collective

(AKA Galactic Armada)


Suspended Disbelief is a tryptic revolving around themes of Higher states of consciousness, spirituality, Existential crisis, Nihilism, Transcendental philosophy and an overall self-reflection of one's relationship to one's environment. The Pieces and exhibition itself attempted to ask the question of whether the Universe itself is a place of order and purpose or a place of chaos and randomness.

ORIGINS is a science fictional allegory written and illustrated by  Jordan Collins / INVADER.

The story centers and focuses on mysterious group of celestial beings known as the E.T