Directed, Animated, Illustrated and Musically Arranged By INV4DER, "WELCOME TO THE FUTURE" is a visual EP/Time Capsule Revolving around themes of Introspection, Nostalgia, Grief, and Ambiguity in an ever-changing time and world. Mixed and Mastered By Tyler Patton Special Features: Imani Rose and Jacob Del Oakland


Featured in Represent Film festival,

MACROCOSM is a short film directed, edited, animated and musically arranged by Jordan "INV4DER" Collins. The Film focuses on 4 different artists as they speak on how their practice relates to themselves and the world around them physically, spiritually and politically. The film also highlights the idea of community and what it means to be apart of something larger than oneself, specifically the Art community found Oakland, CA and the Bay Area.


Not an actual Commercial or Advertisement for the brand "OFF WHITE". All rights reserved for said brand. Video is purely used for educational Purposes.